Ab – trahere
Ab – trahere, 2019
Video with sound
1 min, 42 sec

Tea Di Giacomo
Emanuela Passadore
Rachel Wang

MA Design for Art Direction
London College of Communication

Ab-trahere is a reflection on abstraction, human perceptions, and mind connections between sounds and objects. Abstraction derives from the Latin ab-trahere “to pull away” / “to divert”/ “to detach”. From that, we get the idea that an abstraction is something that is drawn away from concrete reality.The project is structured on these three verbs:1. “To pull away”: DECONTEXTUALISATION.Everyday objects are pulled away from their ordinary context, opening space to imagine new meanings. We altered viewers’ perception of the objects by isolating them from their normal surroundings.(Main reference: Duchamp's Fountain)2. "To divert”: DECONSTRUCTION—RECONSTRUCTION made by the sound. We provoked a diversion by deconstructing the sensory properties (touch, sight, sound) of objects in order to reconstruct them in different ways. In this way, we created a short-circuit between what you see and what you hear, altering mind perceptions and feelings: a senses contamination. (Main reference: Picasso's Bull's Head)3. “To detach”: COMPOSITION. We created our video to represent the detachment from reality and from the materiality of every object by creating abstract compositions of moving images on a white background.(Main reference: Malevic compositions)

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