Secret Ballroom
Secret Ballroom, 2019
Digital Prints
320mm x 320mm framed
290mm x 290mm unframed

Paraskevi Patoulioti

BA Illustration and Visual Media
London College of Communication

The artwork displayed encapsulates my interpretation and combination of a number of different scenes from Stanley Kubrick's film Eyes Wide Shut. It was created as part of a university project, under the original title of Scene-Stealers Editions.Secret Ballroom is a print that has been through various processes in order to reach its final form. Starting as a pencil drawing, it developed into a photopolymer print, which was later edited in Photoshop and finally digitally printed. Good practical skills and knowledge of fundamental art values occupy a major role in my work. My practice showcases academic elements of art, displayed in such a way as to comply with contemporary thinking. Here, I focus on composition, perspective, contrast, texture, and movement. I am aiming to escape the norm of a "clean" print that follows a specific concept, instead creating a visual that can be interpreted and felt in many ways.