Illness and Identity
Illness and Identity, 2020
568mm x 666mm
426mm x 566mm

Neelam Bhullar

BA Illustration and Visual Media
London College of Communication

The series of prints focuses on illness, identity, and the emotional impact which ill physical health can have on an individual’s mental health. I got the initial idea for the series while at the Wellcome Collection exhibitionMisbehaving Bodies: Joe Spence and Oreet Ashery, which also draws attention to emotion, ill health, and identity. I felt inclined to produce a series of prints as ill health is something to which I can relate; the series was thus prompted by my own experiences with health and how they have impacted my work as an artist.The series builds on my own interests, research, and the connections I have found between art and health. When I was producing this outcome, I was considering emotion in depth and feeling everything one might expect to feel when consumed by illness, including thoughts of isolation and angst.In applying this visually, I focused on pattern, form, and texture. These key elements were what I was most engaged with throughout producing these prints. What I was most intrigued by was the strong medical connection that lithography shares with medical illustration, which formed the foundation of my early research.