Take me somewhere nice
Take me somewhere nice, 2019
Oil and soft pastel on canvas
800mm x 600mm

Henry Glover

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting
Wimbledon College of Arts

I predominantly use painting and sculpture to comprehend the physical experience of relationships. The idea of the embrace is a recurring motif in my work. It has been traversed in several forms: boxer's clinching, hands squeezing a pillow, and ceramic human forms locked together, becoming one. My paintings are acutely physical, yet the sensations of touch and intimacy are as delicate as the process of firing clay. Paying close attention to the malleable properties of each medium, I fuse the figurative bodily forms with what is unintelligible in their behaviour, abstracting particular elements.I draw on both personal experiences and those enveloped in art and cinema. The German Expressionist and Symbolist painters are fundamental to my practice. In particular, Edvard Munch has been a constant inspiration; I find his painting style and his industry so liberating, truthful, and enigmatic.Ultimately, my work focuses on the pure emotions and sensations of both the materials with which I engage and my own personal relationships.Awards and residencies:Elephant x ColArts (TFAC) Summer Residency in collaboration with Emma Morgan.Group exhibitions:Made in Arts London 2019 Collection at TM Lighting; STOCK UP ON AIR (Curator) at The Nunnery Gallery 2018; CREAM: Whipped at The Coningsby Gallery 2019; and various UAL exhibition spaces in 2018 and 2019.