Cellular Encasement
Cellular Encasement, 2020
Hand-stitched recycled foam
Size varies according to installation

Eleanor Pearce

BA Fine Art
Central Saint Martins

This installation focuses on the cellular form found throughout the body, inviting the viewer to inhabit the space it creates with their own body. I created this installation by hand-dyeing fabric cells and stitching them together to form an encapsulating environment that surrounds the viewer. My work invites the viewer to step into the womb-like environment and explore it through touch and bodily movements.In my work, I explore the microscopic cellular world and make it tangible for an audience through the medium of textiles. Often, I take inspiration from the beauty of histology slides and the complex forms found under the microscope. I translate these microscopic images into tactile textile works to be explored through touch.The process of making this body of work was similar to nest-building; I gradually sewed together the cells to form this architectural structure, which only comes to life when suspended at a height. The work changes depending on the space it inhabits and responds differently to each new space.