Fishing for queer gaze, 2019
Fishing for queer gaze, 2019
Digital print, audio
1189mm x 793mm

Chirawilai Luatngoen

BA Fashion Textile: Print
London College of Fashion

I am a current third-year student in the BA course Textile Print at the London College of Fashion. My collection The Night Creature purveys queer entertainment, with sexually ambiguous creatures striking human poses against a backdrop of disco pop culture and aesthetics. The aim is to counter a world that is tending towards the dour and worthy. The goal of my practice is to bring people together and give them a voice with which to express themselves. The point is to provide an alternative; I want to produce laughter again via the narratives of my illustrations. The range includes four prints with hand-drawn illustrations of quirky creatures, three Studio 54 celebrity icon sweatshirts, and one fleece scarf with an abstract print. I showcased my Toilet Humour series at Factory 45 in London in 2018 and at Ari’s arthouse in Bangkok in 2019