BAME Artisans, African Gods and Goddesses: Oshun
BAME Artisans, African Gods and Goddesses: Oshun, 2020

Alicia McGuire

MA Fashion Photography
London College of Fashion

BAME Artisans is a collaborative project with up-and-coming black and ethnic minority fashion designers located in London. The purpose of the project is to celebrate and expose the talents of young designers who often go unnoticed by the mainstream fashion industry. In the future, I hope to create a platform that will connect black and ethnic minority artists and create a space for people like me to gain recognition.
I photographed the series African Gods and Goddesses in collaboration with Christie Fewry, a fashion designer whose heritage stems from Sierra Leone. In this series, we wanted to focus on Oshun, the traditional African goddess of purity, love and water. We added a modern touch, with Christie's hand-sewn garments capturing the colour and vibrancy of African culture while playing with the concept of gender fluidity in a world where it may still not be widely accepted.