Call Out My Name
Call Out My Name, 2019
320mm x 320mm framed
24 min, 26 sec

Aikaterini Mimikou

BA Fine Art
Chelsea College of Art

Five characters celebrating Christmas over lunch. They talk to each other. Who are they? Who has the power? Who pulls the strings behind those stories? What’s that language? I can’t read everything, this is too fast!Who has the power?Furry hats and inappropriate shirts, weird hairstyles and heavy jewellery, Dobermans and Alzheimer's.Wives, Mothers, Daughters, Aunts, Mothers-in-law. Husbands, Fathers, Sons, Uncles, Fathers-in-law.Family. Feminism. Social class. Hierarchy. Power.

Aikaterini (Katerina) Mimikou is an artist and filmmaker, working between London and Athens. She mainly uses film, text and collaborative workshops to address issues of gender and politics. Her work reflects on the power, hierarchies and authority that are created through gender, family, language and class and the consequences of these divisions onto our bodies. As a storyteller and autoethnographer, she tries to expose the gender and social stereotypes and beliefs that exist in our societies by documenting her personal experiences and especially her family and friends, mixed with humor and improvisation. Her deepest aim is to bring the viewer into a place of questioning and to encourage them to criticize their own position and way of acting and treating others in their everyday life. Her work has been shown in the UK (Camden Arts Centre, The Feminist Library, The Koppel Project, Wadham College), Belgium (h__s Gallery at Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp) and Greece (Feminist Autonomous Centre of Research) and has taken part in various film festivals and awards (The Next Thing Moving Image Award at Bury Art Museum, Late at Tate Britain, UAL Film Festival at the Royal Academy of London, 36th Annual Open Exhibition at Southwark Park Galleries, Open Mouth Film Festival, Late at Chelsea at Chelsea College of Arts).